Jan. 20, 2015 Engagements

Kyle & Dani

Surprise Proposal at Buena Vista Winery

There is nothing sweeter than being able to witness a woman saying "I-Do" when her fiancé gets down on one knee to pop the BIG questions.  You should have seen the look on Dani's face when Kyle brought her into the Bubble Lounge at Buena Vista Winery to surprise her with a proposal.  As I hid out behind the wall of curtains waiting for the couple to enter the private room, I was just about as nervous as Kyle in anticipation of the moment.  

Capturing a surprise proposal is no easy task and takes a some good planning and a whole lot of luck.  As I sat patiently hidden from plain view, I listened for any signs of Kyle and Dani entering the room.  Right next to my right ear was one of those self playing piano's belting out some old time saloon tunes, and the sounds in my left ear were some slightly intoxicated over zealous visitors chatting it up in the wine cave.  Needless to say, the softness of Kyle and Dani's entrance was nearly overlooked and I popped out from behind the curtain just in time to capture Kyle on his knee.

Dani was floored.  She was so shocked.  So excited.  She said YES!  The next hour I spent with the pair taking some fun photos around the winery property.  The couple are obviously head-over-heals for each other and I just feel so honored to be the one that was able to witness the moment.

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