Feb. 3, 2016 Engagements

Bethan & Blaine

Sonoma Engagement Photography

Bethan and Blaine might just be one of the cutest couples I've ever had the opportunity to photograph.  Their story is a fun one to tell.  I received a call from Bethan about a month before our session and she let me know that her and her husband would be coming to Sonoma to celebrate their one-year anniversary.  She wanted to surprise Blaine with a anniversary photo session and had to keep all of our communications on the down low.  We decided to meet at the Sonoma Valley Region Park for a late afternoon shoot.  Coming from Canada these two love coming to Wine Country annually, so it didn't seem too out of the ordinary for Bethan to suggest a quick walk at the park before dinner.

When the two arrived I was already stationed outside my car with my camera attached to my hip.  They got out of the car and Bethan immediately made her way over to me,  Blaine quick to be at her side.  I looked at his perplexed face and the only thing I could think to say was, "this is an intervention," changing his facial expression to fear.  We quickly corrected the situation and let him in on our little secret.  The next hour we spent laughing about what had just happened.  Blaine handled it like a champ and this one-year married couple were pure cuteness.  Since they didn't have a professional photographer to capture their wedding, Bethan and Blaine were so happy to have this session and the photographs to document this precious time in their lives.


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