Feb. 17, 2016 Engagements

Vallejo's Home Engagement

Michelle & Kevin

Michelle and Kevin's love story is as sweet as can be.  E-Harmony is where they initially found each other and after their first date, he was convinced that she was going to get up and walk away, never to be seen again.  To Kevin's surprise, Michelle said "let's meet again," and from there their journey began.  Their second date was a picnic at a winery and a hike.  Kevin had done most of the cooking which totally won her over.

Kevin proposed the night before Michelle's birthday at one of their favorite destinations - Yountville.  They went out to dinner first and Kevin became very nervous when Michelle was naysaying marriage.  He fumbled through dinner and still managed to pop the question in their hotel room as Michelle opened up a "birthday gift" of a digital photo album... The last picture was Kevin with a ring. Their beloved dogs Ottie and Gertie were there to witness and approve.

For Michelle and Kevin's Sonoma Engagement session, we decided to take photos at the Vallejo's home in Sonoma.  I'm a huge fan of all the backdrops the property has to offer, and it really fit since their wedding was to be held at the General's Daughter (the home the General Vallejo had built for his daughter).  We really hit it off and it was really obvious how passionate these two were for each other which always helps when it comes to photos.

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