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Your questions answered

What is your style? I photograph with a style that is documentary, and then some. I believe that telling the story of your wedding day consists of capturing wonderful candid moments, creating stunning portraits, and documenting all those fun and pretty details that you've put into making your day unique. My background is in photojournalism and I definitely approach weddings with a journalistic eye. Although I am not a fly on the wall and quite often you'll see me in the mix of the action, I am non-intrusive and would never ask my couples to stage a moment.

Do you shoot with a second photographer? Yes and no.  I bring an assistant/ second photographer to every wedding (excluding elopements).  They are assisting me part of the time and second shooting part of the time.  If you are planning an especially large wedding, I would encourage you to add-on a dedicated second shooter.

Where are you located? I live in Sonoma, California.

Do you travel? Absolutely.  If you want me to travel over two hours from Sonoma, I may require travel fees, airfare, or overnight lodging. 

How soon will I see my wedding photos after the big day? All your edited photos will be ready six weeks following your wedding day.

Do you photograph elopements and intimate weddings? Yes, I take a limited number of intimate weddings every year. It is always an honor to be one of few people witnessing your marriage.

Do you photograph engagement sessions? For sure! I love the opportunity to get to know my couples before their wedding day and an engagement session is a great way to do that. Most of my engagement sessions take place in Wine Country or San Francisco bay area.

Can I give you a shot list? I generally do not work off a shot list as I find it can be distracting from documenting the day as it is unfolding. That being said, I do require that you create a formal portrait list and encourage you to share "must have" shots with me that may not be obvious on your day.

Do you have an assistant? Yes, I have an assistant and or second shooter with me for every wedding I photograph. The assistant helps keep the day running smoothly so that I can focus solely on the photography.

I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Can you help with that? One of the most important thing about great photography is creating a great relationship with your subjects. I make the portrait sessions fun and before you know it, you won't even be thinking about what you look like. One of the reasons I offer unlimited wedding day coverage is because I do not want my couples to feel rushed, lending to a relaxed experience which comes across in photos.

In the case that an emergency arises and you can’t make it to our wedding, do you have a plan?  Absolutely!  I am part of several local photography groups and associated with many very talented photographers that I can reach out to in case of an emergency.  I will do my best to match you with another photographer that is similar in style.  Having to find a new photographer at the very last minute is a scary thought, which is why it is so important to have a supportive group of like minded photography peers.

Are you insured?  Yes!  As a professional photographer, being insured is a must.

Do you edit the photos?  Yes!  Every image you receive is edited with basic adjustments such as color, contrast, and cropping.

Can’t you just Photoshop that out?  A common question asked indeed.  It depends what “that” is.  I will likely remove an annoying little blemish during basic editing.  But, if you’d like me to Photoshop out eye-glasses, remove people from portraits, erase bra straps, clean up acne etc., there will be an additional high-end retouching fee.  The fee will be custom quoted by job.

Is it OK if my guests take photos during the event?  Of course!  Your family and friends are there to celebrate with you.  Taking photos is human nature, and heck, when is there any other time in your life that this particular combination of people going to be together.  Just be aware that I can not control a missed moment when “uncle Bob” hops in the middle of the isle (in front of me), during the kiss.

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