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This Is Me


Rebecca is a breath of fresh air.  Her relaxed spirit and fun approach to wedding photography allows for a great connection with her couples.  With a candid style, Rebecca draws from her background as a photojournalist to capture moments that tell a story.  She believes that combining documentary style photography with beautiful portraiture and vignettes will create a compelling visual story of your day.

Quite often, Rebecca is caught smiling from ear to ear and more often than not you’ll see her bobbing her head to the music while photographing guests rocking it on the dance floor.  If you look closely, you might even catch a tear in her eye from time to time as she is completely absorbed in the moments of the wedding day.

Rebecca is always up for a challenge and sees no situation as one that can’t be conquered.  She loves what she does and values her couples desires for their wedding day. 

Although Rebecca had a camera in her hands at a very young age like many other photographers, it wasn't until her sophomore year in high school that the passion blossomed.  She couldn't imaging doing anything else with her life and from that moment on she pursued photography through every avenue possible. When attending college at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rebecca envisioned she would be a hard-core journalist, little did she know that she'd fall in love with photographing weddings.

Rebecca's daily inspiration comes from her incredible family.  Her appreciation for life's moments grew exponentially after marrying her best friend and having two amazing children.  When Rebecca's not photographing she's hangin' with her family.  She can't get enough of the beach, loves a good walk, and enjoys anything that sounds, smells, and looks like the tropics.

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